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Last year, the adidas Pure Boost was one of the ADIDAS ALERTS TWITTER best sneakers to debut, but it wasn t something that we would qualify as a running shoe (at least I wouldn t). Not that there weren t runners with Boost of course, but none of them had the style that a sneakerhead was looking for. The adidas Ultra Boost nailed the performance and style aspect into one admittedly expensive package, but it s worth every penny . I d be a little bit happier if Kanye West hadn t worn them so the price would have dropped by now, but from the start of the year to today, the Ultra ADIDAS ALERT Boost shined.

2015 may be the year of adidas. But don t get it misconstrued, Jordan Brand is making their moves in silence.Not to spoil a future post, but this was definitely one of the most underrated kicks ADIDAS EU of 2015. It s been a good long while since adidas Basketball made a signature shoe that s been memorable for good reasons (sorry, D-Rose) and the Lillard 1 earns kudos for being a stylish product that can work both on and off the court and for its friendly price point.

Nike has history on their side. Yeah, brands like adidas have been around longer and Under Armour is doing everything they can ADIDAS EQT to move up the ladder, but for the past 40 something years, the swoosh has owned pop culture. Look back at the images and films that defined the 80s and 90s and more often than not, you will see Nike on the feet of your favorite celebrities and athletes and even yourself.

The adidas Energy Boost ESM is unassuming to say the least. Yes, it does have everybody s favorite Boost, but so does dozens of other kicks in the adidas catalog. But none of them fly off the shelves like this all-white pair did after Kanye was seen rocking them during an NBA Playoff game. I m sure adidas and Kanye have discussed this a thousand times ADIDAS EQT SUPPORT over but I can t wait to see him wear some Springblades.

Since he s just a hop-step away from adidas HQ, Damian Lillard has the ability to do just about anything with the three stripes. You see it with kicks like the PDX or the Lumberjack colorway; the partnership is willing to tap into not only Lillard s life, but also the eccentricities of the place that both athlete and brand inhabit. In a world where social media and instant access makes where an athlete calls home less and less Image relevant, magic can still be made when you re local.
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