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Tue Jan 01, 2019 4:40 am

The Vyigrat coin was left by the developers in the beginning of summer 2018 and will have a swap in January 2019 to the CSPN coin.

Vyigrat is listed on many sites, have a clean and working codebase. With it it's easy to create a new Vyigrat blockchain, all is available and the effort is very low to create a new chain.

What's in the package:

- Domain
- Original github repository with the source code
- Spork private keys with the WIF key
- Discord server
- Access to all existing logins, all accounts
- Basic help to change the source code to create a new blockchain (change rewards, collateral, premine, logo, colors, private and public keys, generate new genesis block)

Price: 250$ converted to GOSS

Not included in the price: Compiling the Linux and Windows wallets. It will cost additional 100$ converted to GOSS

PM me when you are interested or send an email to
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