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About Collegicoin
Collegicoin is a new cryptocurrency that intends to help fix a major problem with higher education, cost. It is a student-centered coin that will allow students to have more control over their college expenses.

As a proof-of-work coin with masternodes, students will be able to mine their own coins and/or invest in a masternode to help create passive income. They will then be able to use these coins at online establishments like textbook rental companies, university bookstores, and school supply stores. We also hope to work with colleges and universities to give students the option to pay for part of their tuition with Collegicoin.

Collegicoin will also have something that helps set it apart from other coins – yearly scholarships for students! Not only will they be able to create their own passive income, they can compete for a scholarship that will give them another way to save on their education. (See below for more on the scholarship)

Collegicoin Specs
Coin name: Collegicoin
Coin ticker: CLG
Algorithm: X16R
Max Supply: ~21,000,000
Pre-mine: 3% (630,000)
Block time: 1 minute
Block reward: 21 CLG
Reward halving: 400,000 blocks
Reward distribution: 50% miners, 50% MN

The Collegicoin Scholarship
Since Collegicoin is student-centered we will be offering a twice yearly scholarship to students. Students who apply for the scholarship can be from any major or college, but they must show a few things with their submissions. Each applicant will provide a submission essay, major of study, statement of need, tuition statement from institution, and their personal CLG address. Winning applicants will receive 10000.00CLG sent to their address to use as they see fit.

More information will be coming soon but, in the meantime, check out our website at

ANN page: ... sg40401095
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